Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sprawling but Packed?

Yes, sprawl has its dark side, but I was disconcerted to read that rock bands can't practice at home because "urban sprawl continues to pack residents closer and closer together" ["Garage Bands No More; As Sprawl Packs Residents Ever Tighter, Suburban Rockers Seek Space to Jam," Metro, July 9].

Surely sprawl can't create low and high population density at the same time! Or am I to think that in a perfect world where we all lived in apartments in the city, no one would be bothered by noise?

-- John Greenlees



When I read The Post, I expect first-class reporting and delivery of information no matter how small the story might be. I cannot believe you referred to Christina Aguilera's pregnancy as "a bun in the oven" [Names & Faces, July 9]. This is a demeaning way to refer to a woman who is expecting a child.

Post editors should describe Aguilera's pregnancy, and any other woman's, for that matter, with respect.

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