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-- Rosalinda Davila Neelley


Too Late

Regarding the July 10 Reliable Source column:

Would it not have made more sense to have the article " 'Extreme Makeover' Yields a New Political Figure" in The Post on Monday, July 9, since the TV show airs on Monday night? I am sure a lot of people who otherwise do not watch the show would have wanted to watch if they had known a local person, Heidi Ecker, was featured. Too bad it's been canceled.

-- Lynn McDonald


Forrest Gump's Habitat

Regarding Ann Hornaday's July 10 Style article, "Waiting for 'Action!'; Instead of Making Films About the Civil Rights Era, Hollywood Has Made Excuses":

Hornaday cited "Forrest Gump" as one of the few examples, albeit it an egregious one, of such films, stating that the film reduced "the 1963 March on Washington to a 'Zelig'-like stunt."

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