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Was the Boy Wizard the Charm That Made Children's Books Fly?

To keep all this in perspective, it helps to talk to an actual Rowling reader such as 15-year-old Washington resident Jacob Horn.

Horn is a boy who was reading anyway, not the kind lured to it by Harry -- though when he got the first book, he says, "I definitely hadn't read anything that long." The fourth book came out when he was still just 8 and it was "kind of dark for me."

When the fifth arrived, at the end of sixth grade, he attended a midnight party with a bunch of friends wearing "dementor capes my dad had cut out of black fabric."

He remains annoyed that a girl at summer camp gave away the ending of the sixth book by screaming "No!" while reading at lunchtime.

And this year?

He's ordered his copy of Book 7. He expects to be "pretty into it."

Still: "I'm not pacing around saying, 'Is it the 21st yet?' "

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