The Bachelor's Five-Party System

Mike Ditka and R.S. Kimbell at one of Kimbell's five bachelor parties
Jeff Kimbell, with Mike Ditka at his Chicago bachelor party. (Courtesy of Jeff Kimbell - )
By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Friday, July 20, 2007

What kind of bachelor party could possibly mark the big transition for a man long heralded as one of D.C.'s most eligible? Apparently, no single event could do the trick for GOP lobbyist Jeff Kimbell, who last weekend went to his home town of Chicago for the third of his five bachelor parties.

Yes, five. The first in Cabo San Lucas (unspecified sun-and-fun debauchery), the second in Park City (skiing, almost getting kicked out of Robert Redford's bar), all mere warm-up for the latest insanity, which involved cameos by two of Chicago's most esteemed city fathers: Mike Ditka and R. Kelly.

On Friday the 37-year-old Kimbell took 15 or so pals to Ditka's steakhouse, where the legendary former Bears coach showed up. Saturday, they took in a Cubs victory and ended up at late-night spot the Underground. Soon after groomsman/ prep-school pal Billy Bush (yes, the "Access Hollywood" guy/Dubya's cousin) climbed the bar to toast Kimbell, who should appear . . . but indicted R&B genius Kelly! Who took the mike and did about 30 minutes of rap for his 4 a.m. audience.

"I absolutely could not have had a more ridiculous 48 hours," Kimbell told us. (Yeah, we probably didn't hear the whole story.) He expects the next party (fishing Idaho's Salmon River) to be tamer. Oh, and the fifth (dove hunting in Texas)? Will come after he and Jessica Clement marry in Cabo in September. Is that legal? "It's on the line," he said. "But my fiancee encourages bringing old friends together."

Haute and Bothered Over Liquor License Paperwork

Michel Richard Citronelle, the renowned Georgetown restaurant, abruptly (but temporarily) closed last night after a run-in with the city over its liquor license. Seems that landlords at the Latham Hotel neglected to renew the license by a March 30 deadline; city officials say the Latham -- which got an extension to June 30 -- still had not turned in paperwork by yesterday, when the D.C. Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration sent a cease-and-desist order.

ABRA Director Maria Delaney said the order didn't mean the restaurant had to close -- just stop serving booze. But that, apparently, was a deal-breaker for a restaurant with one of the fanciest wine lists in town. Citronelle rep Mel Davis referred questions about the license to the hotel's GM, who did not return calls. As for folks holding coveted reservations last night? "We've relocated people to other restaurants around the city," she said. Will they reopen tonight? "We're hoping."

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

· Dave Chappelle lingering outside the gates of the White House yesterday, looking healthy in a black polo and athletic pants a couple days after his mysterious ER visit for "exhaustion." The D.C.-bred comedian told CNN's Ed Henry (who blogged about the exchange) he was walking from Georgetown to the Hill; also said he loves watching Tony Snow's press conferences and would love to have his job.


"You guys are hip. I used to be hip. I can't be hip anymore. I'm running for president."

-- Barack Obama to the editors of Vibe, as he declined to don a pair of high-tops in a photo shoot for the September cover. Stylists offered the Illinois senator "everything from a hip-hop look to gorgeous suits," according to a magazine rep, but he opted to pose in his own Hill-style garb.


· Nancy Pelosi will publish a memoir through Doubleday next summer, the N.Y.C. publishing house announced yesterday, calling the House speaker's balance of family and career "fascinating and inspirational." No title yet, said her staff -- she hasn't even picked a collaborator or started writing.

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