GIULIANI His Plea: Focus on My Record, Not the Armchair Psychology

(By Paul Sakuma -- Associated Press)
Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GIULIANI His Plea: Focus on My Record, Not the Armchair Psychology

Rudy Giuliani thinks it's all "psychobabble."

One of his predecessors wrote a book about him titled "Nasty Man." A newspaper once dubbed him "a human hand grenade." The former head of the New York City Council described his favorite leadership technique as the "sledgehammer approach."

But in an interview Monday, the former New York mayor dismissed such concerns about his temperament as armchair psychology that should be ignored in favor of an evaluation of his record of accomplishments.

What matters, Giuliani said, is how he would manage the country's economy or respond to a terrorist attack, "rather than this touchy-feely, let-me-try-to-figure-out- how-you-do-psychobabble-on-somebody."

Giuliani also brushed aside efforts by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to portray himself as the ultimate family man by releasing a video of a family vacation filled with scenes of giggling grandchildren.

"He has a right to emphasize the things he wants to emphasize," Giuliani told The Washington Post after a speech on energy policy in San Francisco. "I never emphasize those things."

Giuliani said that voters are well aware of his personal difficulties -- his divorces, a strained relationship with his son. "Some fair, some unfair, some true, some untrue," he said of the stories. But he said he hopes that those will not be the measurements by which people judge him when they choose a Republican nominee next year.

"All of it gets tested against having been in public office for that entire time, and somehow it didn't affect my performance," he said. "At moments of great personal crises, some people perform really well, some people perform horrible. That's kinda what you gotta know."

-- Michael D. Shear

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