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GIULIANI His Plea: Focus on My Record, Not the Armchair Psychology

(By Paul Sakuma -- Associated Press)

"I can't comment on Senator Obama," Albright said. But it was clear that Clinton advocates hoped Obama's answer would be interpreted as a sign of weakness or inexperience, revealing a lack of understanding of how to manage enemies.

In a newspaper interview yesterday in Iowa, Clinton was more direct, calling Obama's comments "irresponsible" and "naive."

Obama said in an interview with the same paper, the Quad City Times, that the Clinton campaign had created a "fabricated controversy."

-- Anne E. Kornblut

CHELSEA'S SCHOOLING Blame the Media? Once It Wasn't So.

Ah, it was the media's fault. Clinton said Monday night that she sent her daughter, Chelsea, to Sidwell Friends School instead of a D.C. public school because of reporters. "I was advised -- and it was, unfortunately, good advice -- that if she were to go to a public school, the press would never leave her alone," she said. That repeated the explanation in her 2003 memoir that the decision "rested on one fact: Private schools were private property, hence off-limits to the news media. Public schools were not."

Funny thing -- that's not what the Clintons said in January 1993 when they announced the decision. "They chose Sidwell Friends because it's a good school," spokesman George Stephanopoulos said at the time. "It's an academically challenging school." And, he noted, "one of the things that was particularly attractive to the family was that Sidwell has a service component that goes along with their academic requirements."

Nothing about reporters -- who, by the way, aren't exactly allowed to waltz into public schools any more than they are private schools. And who over eight years pretty much left Chelsea alone, regardless of school.

-- Peter Baker

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