The Novels Of Jane Austen

Sunday, July 29, 2007

(In the order they were written)

"Pride and Prejudice" (published 1813) A spirited young woman, Elizabeth Bennet, is repulsed by haughty Mr. Darcy until she sees an unexpected side of him and falls in love.

"Sense and Sensibility" (1811) An independent young woman, Elinor Dashwood, sets her sights on Edward because she admires his practicality, and surprises herself by falling in love.

"Mansfield Park" (1814) A shy young woman, Fanny Price, shocks her rich guardians by refusing a marriage proposal, but her cousin Edmund is impressed enough to fall in love.

"Emma" (1815) A well-meaning young woman, Emma Woodhouse, plays matchmaker to her friends but doesn't realize when she herself falls in love.

"Northanger Abbey" (1817) An imaginative young woman, Catherine Morland, invents a murder mystery at her friends' castle, and along the way falls in love.

"Persuasion" (1817) An impressionable young woman, Anne Elliot, breaks off her engagement to the man of her dreams, but 10 years later gets a second chance to fall in love.

-- Monica Hesse

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