Sunday, July 29, 2007

An occasional look at products the travel industry insists we need.

WHAT: RoboForm2Go, a portable version of the popular password manager.

AIMED AT: Travelers who want secure access to password-protected accounts and Web sites.

HOW MUCH: $40 ($50 with USB key)

BUT DOES IT WORK? We can barely remember our Web site passwords at home or work, where we can write them down on security-compromising sticky notes on the monitor. Remembering dozens of passwords while traveling is frustratingly difficult, if not impossible.

RoboForm2Go lets you plug a USB key into an Internet-connected Windows computer for access to all your passwords and log-in information. You have to remember only one master password. It does not require installation on the host PC, and removing the USB key clears all traces of your passwords.

The user experience is seamless. RoboForm2Go automatically logs in to protected sites and saves time by filling in those lengthy online registration forms. It provides protection against identity-theft Web sites and improves security by generating hard-to-crack random passwords (which you don't have to memorize). And it encrypts all your data so your passwords and private information remain safe even if the USB key is lost or stolen.

The only real downside is how often the software nags you to download the latest software update, which usually requires a browser restart.

You can install RoboForm2Go on a USB key, or order it on a USB key for $10 extra. It's a convenient and secure way to log in on strange PCs while traveling.

-- Daniel Greenberg

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