The AMA's Work for Doctors and Patients

Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's unfortunate that Regina Herzlinger, in a July 25 op-ed column ["Who Killed U.S. Medicine?"], disparaged the nation's leading physician organization, since we share many of her frustrations with the U.S. health-care system.

Contrary to Ms. Herzlinger's assertions, the American Medical Association is a staunch champion of patients and physicians. Fighting insurance companies' monopolistic practices, working to stop Medicare cuts to doctors that will harm seniors' access to care and advocating for health-care coverage for Americans are all priorities of the AMA.

Physicians, with the AMA as their advocate, remain committed to improving patient safety. From helping to secure passage of patient safety legislation to convening experts to develop physician quality measures, the AMA leads on this issue.

Ensuring that store-based health clinics operate under the same strict regulations as physicians' offices and hospitals will help protect patients' safety and ensure high-quality care. We want patients to have access to needed health care, and we recognize that store-based clinics can be a good option for patients in need of routine care.

The AMA remains focused on ensuring that patients have access to high-quality health care, and we invite Ms. Herzlinger to take a closer look at our efforts to improve the health-care system.


Chairman of the Board

American Medical Association


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