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Madame Tussauds Gets The Measure of the Man

Sometimes, they renovate. A few years ago, Chelsea Clinton walked into the London museum and complained about her father's wardrobe. "She said, 'My dad would never wear that tie,' and then sent us another one," said Janine DiGioacchino, manager of Tussauds in New York and Washington. Later, Bill Clinton requested a few minor changes, and the museum gave him a new, much grayer head.

All of Barry's photographs and measurements will be rushed to London, where artists will first create a life-size clay figure, then the final product: a hollow fiberglass body with wax head and hands. The faux Barry will arrive back in Washington just in time for the real Barry to make last-minute tweaks, then be placed in the D.C. exhibit for the world to admire.

Proof, said Wax Man, that "I'm handsomer than my photographs."

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

· Mandy Moore sipping "extra dirty" martinis and ordering a protein-heavy lineup of rockfish, red snapper and Kobe beef with four friends at Georgetown's Mie N Yu Monday night. The singing starlet, in town to tape a performance for XM Radio, wore a fetching little skirt-jacket combo in gray and either no makeup or the kind of makeup that's so artfully done you just think she isn't wearing any.

· Mark Warner and family dropping by Zenith Gallery downtown to see the landscape paintings of Bradley Stevens, a college pal who painted the potential (pick one: veep/Senate/guv) candidate's official portrait now hanging at the Virginia Capitol.

· Sen. Russ Feingold dining with staffers at Lebanese Taverna Monday night -- necktie flipped over his shoulder, safe from the red wine and hummus; BlackBerry pressed to his ear.

· Dave Chappelle, definitely no longer exhausted, skateboarding K Street in Georgetown before catching "The Simpsons Movie."


· Moment of silence: The nearly three-year-old marriage of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline officially ended yesterday in a Los Angeles courtroom. How the whole alimony thing worked out remains a secret. They will continue to have joint custody of toddlers Sean Preston and Jayden James but face an Aug. 14 hearing on the matter.

· Nicole Richie finally confirmed that she's expecting a baby with boyfriend Joel Madden, reports ABC News. Richie spills the news tomorrow on "Good Morning America" -- "I'm almost four months," she tells Diane Sawyer.

· GMA anchor Robin Roberts announced on the show yesterday that she has breast cancer and will undergo surgery Friday. Roberts, 46, said she found the lump early and that the prognosis is good: "My doctor expects me to be flying planes and hanging on to submarines in the middle of the Atlantic and scaling the Mayan pyramids in no time."

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