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Still morphing:
Still morphing: "Transformers" is now on the small screen for gaming fans. (Activision/
Friday, August 3, 2007

"Transformers" the movie has been a hit with hard-core fans, but can Transformers the video game do the same for gamers? The answer is yes.

The game, like the movie, is fun from the start. In fact, the game's best feature is the option to play as either an Autobot or a Decepticon. Playing as an Autobot means being mindful of your very interactive environment, which usually is a heavily inhabited metropolitan city. Don't shoot at cars and buildings if you're one of the good guys, though it is okay to pick up a car or tree and throw it at a Decepticon.

If you choose to be down with Megatron's cause and run with the Decepticons, things are just the opposite. You're rewarded for destruction and encouraged to create as much havoc as possible as you attempt to take over Earth.

Graphically, all the Transformers look good in robot form and in disguise.

Gameplay has many control options to memorize, since the controls change based on your form. The game is set up so that you have to be smart about picking your spots to transform.

All the characters move faster once they've transformed, and some parts of the game require you to reach a certain location in a set amount of time or risk failing a mission.

Transforming is probably the most fun aspect of the game. You'll enjoy tearing up the roads (or skies) as much or even more than you will staying in robot form and engaging hand-to-hand against combat foes.

-- David Betancourt

Transformers Teen; Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, DS, Wii ($30-$60) Activision

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