Just Getting Warmed Up: Fenty Twins Hold Court

Andrew, left, and Matthew Fenty, on either side of grandmother Jan Fenty, competing in another venue last January.
Andrew, left, and Matthew Fenty, on either side of grandmother Jan Fenty, competing in another venue last January. (Nikki Kahn -- The Washington Post)
By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Friday, August 3, 2007

You know how Adrian Fenty likes to unwind after a long week of running the nation's capital by dropping by a local 10K or half-marathon and effortlessly trouncing most of the field?

Well, a whole new generation of weekend warriors will soon be sweating at the sight of the Fenty name. After spending half their lives in training, the Fenty twins -- 7-year-old Andrew and Matthew -- are ready to kick your butt on the tennis court.

Both boys entered the first-ever junior division (for kids 10 and under) of the annual Les Halles Cup youth tournament, held every year in conjunction with the Legg Mason Tennis Classic. Andrew made it all the way to the finals before falling Wednesday afternoon to 9-year-old Rasheed Slade. The mayor made a brief cameo appearance on the courts when he showed up with the racquet Andrew had forgotten. Though crowds generally mob Fenty, the court watchers kept their cool, an observer said: "They knew he was here as a dad."

Carrie Brooks, a spokeswoman for the mayor, said that while neither Fenty nor his wife, Michelle, plays tennis, the twins have been taking lessons since they were 3. "The boys have a lot of energy," she said.

Channel 4 Anchor Just Slinging It After Tuscany Tumble

Did you feel just terrible for Doreen Gentzler when she showed up anchoring Channel 4's 6 p.m. newscast Wednesday with a big black sling on her right arm? Would you feel maybe just a little less terrible if you knew she got the injury . . . biking in Tuscany?

Still, envy aside, dislocating her shoulder was hardly the way Gentzler planned to start her mid-July family vacation. She told our colleague John Maynard yesterday that she crashed her bike while climbing a big hill on Day 2 of the trip.

"I tried to break my fall with my right arm," she said. "I never saw what it looked like. I could feel it was pretty creepy."

But after getting what she described as great care in a Tuscan hospital, Gentzler managed to enjoy the rest of her time in Italy: "I ate pasta and drank wine with my left hand."

She was scheduled to return to the airwaves this past Monday but, not feeling fully recovered, waited a couple more days. On Wednesday, she grinned through the obligatory anchor banter ("Quite attractive," quipped longtime colleague Jim Vance. "Is that a designer sling?"), but realized she was still hurtin'. Yesterday, she told Maynard she would take the rest of the week off and hopes to return Monday.

"You really can't blow-dry your hair with just one hand," she joked.

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

· Elliott Yamin looking very California and sooo-not-Richmond-anymore in a dark gray suit with black Converse sneakers as he ordered soup and salad in the Rayburn Building cafeteria Wednesday. The '06 "American Idol" runner-up was lobbying with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for more federal funding.

· Barack Obama dining Wednesday night in a private room at Oceanaire with Tom Daschle, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and Sen. Dick Durbin. Second consecutive night of downtown power-dining for the '08 contender, who supped at Il Mulino on Tuesday with a dozen or so guys in suits.


"I always thought those were Jimmy Carter colors."

-- Robert Novak, upon being presented with a Heritage Foundation necktie (lime green, kinda reminiscent of Carter's '76 posters, with a blue Liberty Bell motif), after the columnist's lunchtime speech yesterday at the conservative think tank to promote his new book, "The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in Washington." Well, thanks for coming anyway, Bob!

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