Variations on a Theme Park

By Jeanne Marie Laskas
Sunday, August 12, 2007

We'll meet you at Pavilion 6," the mother says to me. "That's where we leave our wagon."

Wagon? They take a wagon to the theme park? We've never theme-parked with this family before, and I'm getting concerned. The father has already told me to leave our car on the eastern edge of Lot C3, if possible. This plan is sanctioned by the 9-year-old son, who told me the sequence of restrooms and water fountains the family hits before and after lunch -- which we shall eat at noon at Pavilion 6, where the wagon is.

"Wagon?" I ask the mother.

"We like to keep all our stuff in one place," she says. "Ponchos, sunscreen, extra camera batteries, you know. Who wants to carry all that stuff around?"

"But --"

"We've never had any problems

with theft," she says. "If that's what you're


No, that's not what I'm thinking.

I don't know why I never figured this family for Type A Theme Parkers. You can't always predict. I wonder if they sense, by now, that we're from the other side. My

husband and I don't subscribe to the A way. Both of my sisters and my brother are

Type A Theme Parkers, so I've had a lifetime to decide.

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