"God Grew Tired of Us" documents the trek of Sudanese "Lost Boys" from Sudan to Kenya. (National Geographic Films)
Friday, August 10, 2007

Notable DVDs being released Tuesday include:

· Inland Empire (R) If you take David Lynch's old television series "Twin Peaks" and toss out everything except the surreal dream sequences, then you have a pretty good idea of what "Inland Empire" is like. Extras include more than an hour of additional scenes ("Other Things That Happened"); a making-of featurette; interviews with Lynch and the film's star, Laura Dern; a photo gallery; theatrical trailers; and, in keeping with the general "say what?" vibe of the movie, scenes of Lynch cooking quinoa at home.

· God Grew Tired of Us (PG) Trying to explain the atrocities suffered by the 27,000 "Lost Boys" who trekked from southern Sudan to Ethiopia and finally to Kenya to avoid slaughter during the 20-year civil war, director Christopher Quinn focuses on the stories of three of them.

· Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (R) A pack of french fries, a wad of ground beef and a milkshake save the world. Seriously. Well, not seriously, more like hilariously. Find a fan of the Cartoon Network show that spawned this movie and get him to explain.

· The Shakespeare Collection (Unrated) This features "Kenneth's Branagh's Hamlet 2-Disc Special Edition" and three other famous Shakespeare screen translations -- Max Reinhardt's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Laurence Olivier's "Othello" and a version of "Romeo and Juliet" starring Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer. Among the actors you'll see in this collection are Maggie Smith, James Cagney, Olivia de Havilland, Mickey Rooney, Kate Winslet, Julie Christie, Jack Lemmon, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal. If you don't want the five-disc set, the films also will be available as individual titles.

· Taxi Driver Limited Collector's Edition (R) This two-disc version of the classic film features a newly recorded commentary by director Martin Scorsese; an "Appreciation and Influence" documentary that includes interviews with directors, producers, actors and film critics on the film's importance; a "Taxi Cab Confessions" with New York taxi drivers; and an interactive "Taxi Driver Locations" map.

· The First Films of Samuel Fuller (Series #5) (Unrated) This set from Criterion features "I Shot Jesse James" (1949), "The Baron of Arizona" (1950) and "The Steel Helmet" (1951).

· U-Carmen (Unrated) This modern adaptation of Bizet's "Carmen" won the 2005 Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.

· Home Run Derby, Volume 2 The second volume of the charmingly quaint baseball series has lots of Henry Aaron. For those who only know about him because of Barry Bonds's pursuit (and surpassing) of his career home run record, watch this and see why pitchers called him "Bad Henry."

· God Made You Special (Unrated) This is the latest in the VeggieTales franchise.

Also being released:

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