A Culture Clash Is Not 'Racism'

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Because Prince William County residents don't welcome illegal immigrants, Mexicans Without Borders coordinator Ricardo Juarez whipsaws them for "racism" ["Latinos Unite to Turn Fear Into Activism," front page, July 28]. Actually, laws such as Prince William's are best explained by quality-of-life issues. And for Prince William residents, the costs of what's dubbed "embracing diversity" are too high.

The evidence can be seen across the country: squawking chickens in back yards, a half-dozen cars in front, music blaring in the night, beer-induced brawls, gang tagging, unbagged trash and diapers, frequent auto accidents, and catcalls to female passersby.

Such lifestyles obviously aren't shared by ordinary Prince William residents. If residents oppose the transformation of "Pleasantville" into "Little Tijuana," who can blame them?

In cultural terms, the dust-up in Prince William is over whose norms will prevail.


Chevy Chase

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