Wikia tool gives gamers a helpful guide
A new tool from Wikia and Playxpert will soon expand from World of Warcraft tool to other games.

Dan Nystedt
PC World
Tuesday, August 14, 2007 12:19 AM

Wikia Inc. is offering people who love online games a chance to use its guides to help them navigate landscapes, and beat foes in major games through tools developed byPlayxpert LLC.

World of Warcraft players are already using a widget that gives them access to the 30,000 pages of advice onWowWiki, ensuring they beat monsters, win weapons and navigate more easily through the game.

People who playSecond Life, Final Fantasy,Runescapeand other games will see similar widgets soon said, Gil Penchina [cq], CEO of Wikia Inc., in a recent interview.

Up to now, any gamer could build a game collaboration site through Wikia and players from around the globe would fill them with advice and directions. But those huge databases weren't readily available to users in the middle of play. People would have to switch back and forth between their game and the site, holding them up and slowing down the game. The partnership with Playxpert means they will gain their ownwidgetssimilar to the WowWiki soon as well.

The widgets change that by not only allowing them to view pages from their wiki, but depending on the widget, users will also be able to give advice, chat, and control music selection, among other things.

TheWowWiki widgetopens as a pop-up, or overlay in front of the World of Warcraft game being played. It's transparent, so the user can see what's happening behind it, and it doesn't take up too much of the screen.

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