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The name of Maryland's Fort Detrick was misspelled in the Aug. 16 Reliable Source column.

'The Invasion' Takes a Few Liberties Around D.C.

Where's that Walgreens? Nicole Kidman sprints through the Cleveland Park Metro (or
Where's that Walgreens? Nicole Kidman sprints through the Cleveland Park Metro (or "subway") station in "Invasion." (Warner Bros. Pictures)
By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remember how excited we all were when Nicole Kidman camped out in D.C. for six weeks filming "The Visiting" in fall 2005? She was all over town: snubbing extras, buying underwear, spotted with soon-to-be-hubby Keith Urban at 1789. We figured if the crew spent that much time hanging out, the movie (renamed "The Invasion" -- third remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers") would get Washington right. And it does (D.C. police cars and uniforms; there really is a Fort Dietrich biological warfare lab in Maryland) -- except for a few bloopers we spotted at Tuesday's screening.

· Kidman, who plays a D.C. psychiatrist, buys magazines at one of those big sidewalk newsstand kiosks -- the ones all over New York but not on any corner in this town.

· Her fabulous downtown office window looks out on a bunch of skyscrapers.

· Kidman and her hot single doctor love interest ( Daniel Craig before he was Bond) pull into a big empty parking space in front of her fabulous Georgetown house. Ha! Happens once a decade! Oh, and he lives across the street in an equally fabulous house. Not even on doctors' salaries.

· The two attend a formal dinner at the Czech Embassy (really the residence of the ambassador of Chile), where they're seated next to each other -- at real formal dinners, couples are seated at different tables. And everyone is served black caviar, a gift from the Russian ambassador. Nyet. He'd save the good stuff for his own party.

· While escaping her alien ex-husband, she runs past a Walgreens drugstore in Cleveland Park. Not there.

· On the Metro, the announcer says, "The subway doors are now closing." Subway?

· To get from Georgetown to Cleveland Park, she drives through a tunnel. Seems like the long route. Oh, it's also rush hour and there's no traffic. In our dreams.

· She's got the most awesome cellphone since "24's" Jack Bauer -- no dropped calls, never needs charging.


· Un-engaged: Lt. Andy Baldwin (a.k.a. this season's "The Bachelor") and D.C.'s Tessa Horst. The couple, whose reality-TV romance ended with a proposal on the show's May finale, are no longer engaged and Horst, 26, isn't moving to Hawaii, reports People magazine. The snag? Something to do with the possibility Baldwin, 30, might be reassigned somewhere else. "We are very much in love and committed to our relationship," they said in a statement. Sure they are. We really gotta start a betting pool on these made-for-TV courtships.

· Adopting: Channel 9's Tracey Neale, who is headed to Africa to pick up her kids. The WUSA anchor announced the news on Tuesday's broadcast: "I'll be adopting 1-year-old twins, so I'm going to have my hands full," she told viewers. Neale, 40, leaves early next week for Ethiopia, where the siblings -- a boy named Eyasu Nigel Neale and a girl named Emebet Nigella Neale -- were born; she'll be off the air for six weeks.

· Engaged: Comic Jimmy Fallon, 32, and producer Nancy Juvonen, 40, who is actress Drew Barrymore's best friend and business partner. Fallon proposed last weekend on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire ( Mitt Romney's summer hangout); this is the first marriage for both.


· David Beckham had quite the D.C. visit last week. On top of the restaurants, the clubs, the coffee run, the news conference -- oh yeah, and the game against D.C. United -- the L.A. Galaxy superstar dropped by the White House. The hush-hush private tour took place sometime Thursday; no word if Becks met the president.

Prince Albert and Bono, set to go
Prince Albert and Bono, set to go "blue" in Monaco.(Eric Gaillard - Reuters)
· Arlington-based Conservation International is going Euro-glam. The environmental nonprofit is teaming up with Monaco's Prince Albert, Bono and Christie's for a "blue auction" next month -- the winners of which can name 10 newly discovered marine species. The gala event will take place at Monaco's Oceanographic Museum, which was the home of Jacques Cousteau.

· After winning raves on the film festival circuit, Ted Leonsis's award-winning documentary, "Nanking," about the 1937 Japanese invasion of that Chinese city, gets a theatrical release in December, HBO announced yesterday.

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