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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The clip:"All Through the Night" by Escort (starring the Muppets)

Why is Kermit the Frog doing the electric slide? It's all part of New York disco ensemble Escort's new video, "All Through the Night," which Irvin Coffee edited in three days from a stack of "The Muppet Show" DVDs. Coffee sets the band's dirty-minded lyrics and Studio 54 grooves to footage of Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Statler & Waldorf and the rest of the gang, all doing an extra-floppy version of the bus stop.

Through the magic of editing, Coffee manages to make Dr. Teeth say, "If you wanna sex me, give it up," as Janice (who knew she played a left-handed guitar?), Zoot and the rest of the Electric Mayhem bounce behind him. Jim Henson would blush, but you'll howl like Animal when you see a partially peeled banana doing the hustle. A bevy of furry mops and horseshoes gasping, "If you're ready / I'm about to pop" somehow seems even naughtier than the time "The Muppet Show" guest host Raquel Welch did that sexy dance with a giant fuzzy spider.

It's fun to watch, but this platform-booted nostalgia trip also makes a lot of sense. Escort's music is about the kind of Donna Summer strut most of its fans were too young to appreciate back in the day. But who doesn't know "Pigs in Space"?

-- Greg Zinman

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