LIFE IS SHORT | Autobiography as Haiku

LIFE IS SHORT | Autobiography as Haiku

Sunday, August 19, 2007

(James A. Parcell - For The Washington Post)
I loved her with all my heart. Little did I know that this little dog was my teacher, showing me how to negotiate life's journey. Shana's lessons:

Hang out with the people you love, and get as close to them as you can.

Always be ready to play.

If someone doesn't like you, don't worry about it. Lots of others do. Spend your time with them.

Don't spend a lot of time being sad. Find something to do that makes you happy.

If someone upsets the one you love most, pee on their side of the bed.

Be joyous.

Lynda Van Kuren


(Michael Temchine - For The Washington Post)
Parents and children on the morning Metro. Not quality time. Kids are hyper or cranky or catatonic, parents just catatonic. But not these two. A dad and his son are having a blast. Giggling, tickling, telling whoppers. Until, mysteriously, the train stops in the tunnel. "Uh-oh," says Dad. "Troll stop." Whoa! They exchange sidelong looks. Then they crack up. And I, sitting one seat up, smile and say an inward thank-you.

Steven F. Sullivan


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