Pricey Penalties

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Virginia's new civil remedial fees could cost offenders as much as $3,000. The fees are imposed in three equal installments. The fees for some traffic offenses includes:

$3,000 Felony reckless driving. Similar to misdemeanor reckless driving, but with aggravating circumstances such as driving without a license and causing the death of another as a result of reckless driving.

$3,000 Operating a vehicle with a device designed to create a smoke screen or installing such a device.

$3,000 Driving while under the influence of drugs/alcohol; third or more offense.

$2,250 Driving while under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

$900 to $1,050 Misdemeanor reckless driving. Includes driving 20 mph over the speed limit, passing an emergency vehicle with its lights on, passing on the crest of a hill or curve of a highway, and exceeding 80 mph.

$900 Operating a school bus without the required license.

$900 Failing to notify police of an accident resulting in injury or death.

$900 Aiding and abetting racing.

$900 Knowingly operating a motor vehicle with "below-standard" tires.

$900 Excess weight/height/size/speed on a restricted highway.

$750 Driving on a revoked or suspended license.

SOURCE: Supreme Court of Virginia

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