Iran's Perspective

Monday, August 27, 2007

Regarding the Aug. 21 editorial "Tougher on Iran":

Contrary to your claim, Iran is not waging a war against the United States, and the recent accusations about Iran's role in sending arms and "explosively formed penetrators" to Iraqi extremists to foment a civil war in the neighboring country are completely false and baseless. Iran has entered direct dialogue with the U.S. government on the issue of Iraq's security in good faith, agreeing to set up a joint committee of experts while at the same time signing trade, energy and security agreements with the democratically elected government in Iraq.

Iran is concerned about the chaos and instability in neighboring Iraq, as well as in Afghanistan, and the leaders of both these countries have praised Iran's constructive, good-neighbor policy toward them.

Iran has challenged the U.S. government to proffer evidence regarding its accusations and to provide the list of Iranian agents who it alleges are operating in Iraq.

While the cooperation between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency has been making solid progress, the U.S. campaign of systematic deception of its public and demonization of Iran follows the sinister objective of torpedoing that progress with the aim of paving the way for further U.N. sanctions against Iran.

However, the Iranian people and government have shown solid resilience in the face of unfair and unjustified pressure from outside powers and will continue to do so with the aim to protect their national interest and dignity.


Press Secretary

Iranian Mission to the United Nations

New York

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