Is Homework Elementary? Parents Have Their Say.

Extra credit cartoon for Aug. 30, 2007.
Extra credit cartoon for Aug. 30, 2007. (By Julie Zhu -- Montgomery Blair High School)
Thursday, August 30, 2007

Several readers commented on my suggestion in the Aug. 5 Washington Post Magazine that we abolish regular homework for elementary school students and instead have them read whatever they like, with a parent to help the younger ones, from 30 to 60 minutes a night. Here is a sampling:

Dear Extra Credit:

It's so good to have a mother's instinct backed up by studies and statistics! I took my child out of Montgomery County Public Schools and put her in private school because she was so beaten down by homework and drills. An hour of homework a day in first grade! They say it's supposed to take 20 minutes, but most of the parents I talked to reported that it took their kids an hour, too.

Carole Kagan

(The family has since

moved to Chicago.)

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