Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yes, the page you're looking at right now is in color. In fact, it's the color for fall. Again. Unlike the omnipresent bursts of sunny yellow all spring and summer, the somber palette populating this season resides in the gray area. It is a grown-up place where intellect is revered and the people are polished.

The smoky shades of gray, in all their easy neutrality, appeared in dozens of collections -- from Michael Kors's slim herringbone to Nina Ricci's swirling sweaters to Burberry's gunmetal pieces inspired by medieval knights.

Like a blank canvas, transitional layering pieces such as Karen Walker's ruched cotton dress or Autumn Cashmere's one-button cardigan make for a dramatic backdrop to the fall's rich, jewel-toned accessories.

The best part about gray? It's eternally chic. It's readily available. And with all the end-of-summer sales going on, some of it's already marked down, ready to be saved for a rainy (or cloudy) day.

-- Cory Ohlendorf

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