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The Two Sides of War

As to what that something is (fuel-efficiency standards, hybrids, fuel cells, carbon taxes, voodoo?) he seemed to have no clue.

All I know is that my hybrid gets 51 miles per gallon and emits an ultra-low volume of pollutants. I save money, the air is cleaner and batteries can be recycled, at least to some degree.

The only thing Brown seems to believe in is prayer: Get on your knees and pray that the Lord might solve all our energy and global warming problems. Maybe, but I'll stick to more secular efforts.

-- Philip S. Church


Cartoonist Most Foul

Tom Toles's toilet stall cartoon in the Aug. 29 Post, playing off Idaho Sen. Larry Craig's troubles, should have been flushed before publication out of deference to the basic decency of your readers. Censorship, no. Editorial discretion, yes.

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