Security Through Solar

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Regarding the Aug. 27 news story, "Darfur Peacekeeping Force Has 'Unprecedented' Mission":

I was pleased to see that the U.N.-African Union soldiers going to Sudan will be trained to deal with attacks by militias on women leaving the camps to search for firewood. Such attacks could be ended completely by providing these women with the resources and training they need to use the integrated cooking method, which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 85 percent.

Integrated cooking teaches the use of solar cooking whenever the sun is shining, retained heat cookers (hay baskets) to keep food hot, and efficient stoves that burn tiny amounts of wood for use at night and on cloudy days. When this combination of cooking methods is used, the small U.N. ration of wood or charcoal can last an entire month, allowing women and children to remain safely in camp.



The writer, a retired Foreign Service officer, is a member of the nonprofit Solar Cookers International's board of directors.

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