Glitch Gives Kids a Peek at Pornography

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Prince George's County school system is investigating an incident in which a fifth-grade music class at Glenn Dale Elementary School caught a glimpse of a pornographic movie instead of the planned feature, "Star Wars."

John White, the spokesman for the school system, said the class's music teacher had put the "Star Wars" DVD in a laptop to play the famous opening scene Monday morning for the 32 students, but instead the projector showed a clip from an adult film. It was not known which film was shown.

The teacher immediately ejected the DVD, White said, but the image of two naked adults remained frozen on the screen for about 10 seconds until the projector was switched off. White did not identify the teacher involved in the incident, and a secretary at the school said Principal Lia Thompson was not available to comment.

White said that a letter had been issued to the parents of all fifth-graders at the school and that the incident was under investigation. He said that the DVD appeared to be a legitimate copy of "Star Wars" and that the school-issued laptop had been tampered with.

"At this point, they don't believe any students were involved," White said. "If it's just an adult matter, adults would be disciplined as appropriate."

-- Nelson Hernandez

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