Look to Your Left. Look to Your Right. Same Guy.

By Preston Williams
Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ever heard of this kid named Sam Mulroy, who plays ball at Maret School in the District?

You pronounce it MUH-ray? I always thought it was like "merit." No, I've never heard of him.

Well, he catches and pitches and was an all-league baseball player in the Mid-Atlantic Conference this spring. He's played shortstop and in the outfield, too.

Big deal. It's a small school in a small league.

Maybe so, but he also was an all-league quarterback in the MAC, throwing for 1,500 yards and rushing for more than 1,000 yards.

So what? There were only five MAC quarterbacks to choose from. They had to honor somebody.

I guess. Anyway, Sam Mulroy throws a baseball right-handed. . . .

So do I.

. . . And he throws a football left-handed.

So do . . . huh?

Besides being a pretty good athlete recruited by colleges in two sports, Sam Mulroy might be the greatest parlor trick -- no, make that backyard trick -- in Washington area high school athletics.

"When he's doing something with his right hand, he looks natural, and when he's doing something with his left hand, he looks natural," said Maret baseball coach Antoine Williams, who taught Mulroy in physical education class eight years ago. "So I don't really think about it because nothing is awkward about his movements."

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