Simpson Faces 10 Charges In Las Vegas

By Sonya Geis
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18 -- O.J. Simpson was charged with 10 felonies Tuesday, including kidnapping, burglary and assault with a deadly weapon, for allegedly attempting to snatch Simpson-related memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel room.

Three men who police say were with Simpson when they burst into the hotel room last week face similar charges. All have been arrested; two have been released.

Simpson and his co-defendants, whom he has described to reporters variously as golfing buddies and acquaintances he met at a wedding reception on the weekend, burst into a hotel room brandishing at least one handgun and demanded sports memorabilia Simpson said was his, according to the complaint.

In the room were two men who planned to auction the items. They believed they were meeting with a potential buyer. The complaint alleges that Simpson and his friends held the men at gunpoint and grabbed a cellphone from the hand of one of the victims so he could not call 911.

Simpson is charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery, burglary with a deadly weapon, coercion with a deadly weapon, and two counts each of robbery with a deadly weapon, kidnapping with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon. He is also charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, a misdemeanor.

The former football star and legendary murder defendant has been in jail without bail in Las Vegas since Sunday.

Simpson has maintained he was trying to reclaim mementos and personal photos that had been stolen from him. His attorney, Yale Galanter, told the Associated Press, "You can't rob something that is yours."

Galanter said he plans to ask the judge to release Simpson when he is arraigned Wednesday morning. "If it was anyone other than O.J. Simpson, he would have been released by now," he said.

Also on Tuesday, a judge in Santa Monica, Calif., told Fred Goldman he has one week to list the memorabilia Simpson is accused of trying to steal. Ultimately, Goldman's attorney said, he thinks Goldman will be awarded the memorabilia, as part of a $33.5 million wrongful-death judgment against Simpson for the death of Goldman's son, Ronald Goldman.

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