Tackling Troy? Nah, Just Joshin' With the Old Cowboy

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Note to Troy Aikman: If you show your face around D.C., especially during football season, you'd better be ready for some hazing. Though, in fact, the former Dallas QB turned corporate pitchman seemed eerily well prepared when some Redskins fans tried to yank his chain this weekend.

First, when he spoke Friday evening about his lifelong struggle with migraines at a physicians conference sponsored by drug giant GlaxoSmithKline at the Arlington Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, one doc in the audience raised his hand with a personal question: "Did you ever have to say, 'Honey, not tonight, I have a headache'?"

Ha-ha! But Aikman didn't get it and forged ahead with a sober answer about how his migraines affected his football game . . . and then someone explained the joke. Aikman's snappy comeback: "Honey, I have Imitrex tonight!" (Yes, he's the paid spokesman for the migraine drug.)

A couple hours later, rabid Skins fans Jennifer and Paul Tyler of Germantown were celebrating their anniversary at Oceanaire downtown when who should walk by but their longtime Texan nemesis (in town for his color-commentary duties at Sunday's Giants game). Both had long been perplexed why the onetime Cowboys star appeared in ads for the Wing Stop, a tiny fast-food joint near their home "in the heart of Redskins territory!" Jennifer notes. Paul seized the moment: "Hey, Troy, why the Wing Stop?!"

Aikman, to their amazement, stopped at their table. He told them that it's a Texas-based chain, that he and his fellow Cowboys always hung out at one near their stadium, that it's where he took his wife's "really country" grandma the first time they met, and so on.

Just another word from his sponsors? No matter, says Jennifer. "From now on we are big Troy Aikman fans."

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

Biz Markie posing for cameras on a glass elevator in Silver Spring, apparently filming some TV spot for the CW. The old-school rapper wore a green golf shirt, jeans and one of those ever-attractive Bluetooth earpieces.

Fran Drescher, "The Nanny" star turned cancer activist, walking through the Dulles baggage claim wearing all black, talking on a cell and carrying one of those tiny dogs everyone's required to own in L.A.

Yo, Drew -- What's Jenna Ever Done to You?

We always thought Drew Carey was a Republican, but the comedian took a potshot at Jenna Bush during CBS's "Power of 10" game show Sunday night. Carey, who performed at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner in 2002, asked a contestant to guess what percentage of American men would not want to be the president's son-in-law. The upside, said Carey: Free rides on Air Force One, dinner at the White House, great networking. "But then, you have to be married to Jenna Bush," he snarked.

Henry Hager, ball's in your court! (The answer to the game show question? Seventy-seven percent.)


Mike Tyson pleaded guilty to cocaine possession and DUI yesterday and faces four years in prison. The former heavyweight champ, 41, was arrested in December after leaving an Arizona nightclub; his attorney says Tyson has been sober since then.

• Sweet in-law perks! President Bush has appointed John Hager -- daughter Jenna's future father-in-law -- to the delegation for the Special Olympics Summer Games in Shanghai next month. Hager joins Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, skater Michelle Kwan and Eunice Kennedy Shriver on the official junket.

• After months of cooling her heels, Nancy Brinker is officially U.S. chief of protocol. Brinker -- Race for the Cure founder and former ambassador to Hungary -- was quietly sworn in this month and will oversee state dinners and other diplomatic visits.

Salma Hayek and her businessman fiance, Francois-Henri Pinault, are parents of a baby girl born late last week. The 41-year-old "Ugly Betty" actress named her first child Valentina Paloma Pinault.

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