The Anthony-Lopez Show

By J. Freedom du Lac
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, September 30, 2007

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. Jennifer Lopez and her husband of three years, Marc Anthony, have cracked a window to their enclosed celebri-couple world and invited us to take a peek inside. So, in the interest of advancing the weird science of celebritology, we've come to observe and catalogue They-Lo's behavior in their temporary new habitat: Continental Airlines Arena, where the Bronx-born Latin-entertainment hyphenates (actors-singers-ex-Fly Girl-etc.) are rehearsing for their first concert tour together. On Friday, it reaches Washington's Verizon Center.

Having just swept into the darkened arena here, they're suddenly transfixed by the multilevel stage, on which lighted panels are changing colors, from yellow to orange to red. Lopez and Anthony are swooning over this feature, which they're seeing for the first time.

"Isn't it cool that the stage lights up like that, mama?" Anthony says, lifting his tinted glasses so he can see the colors more clearly. "It looks fantastic."

Says Lopez: "I love it!"

Anthony: "Too bad you don't get to use it."

Lopez: "Oh, not even! You will not see it until my set!"

Anthony: "Don't even start that [expletive] with me, baby!"

He laughs. She giggles.

We scribble: Stars, they're just like us -- they tease their spouses like it's an Olympic sport!

The fake marital spat is actually somewhat newsworthy, as La Lopez has just indicated that she -- and not her husband -- will be taking top billing in their bilingual family affair.

Never mind that she's never actually toured. For all of her multiplatinum dance-pop-R&B-rap success as a studio singer and video star, Lopez, 38, has only ever performed on awards shows and elsewhere on television, usually doing just a single song. (And, no, "doing" doesn't always mean "singing.") And, yes, Lopez is nervous about how she'll fare on the road, singing, dancing, bantering and costume-changing night after night, an hour at a time.

Never mind, too, that Anthony -- the world's best-selling salsa artist -- has been wowing concert audiences with his superlative voice for years, ever since he opened for Tito Puente at Madison Square Garden in 1991. Whereas Lopez never booked a tour because she was always too busy taking Hollywood roles for upwards of $15 million per (her reported salary on the romantic comedy "Monster-in-Law"), Anthony turned down various movies because he was too busy singing his romantic songs somewhere, anywhere around the world.

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