Radiohead shuns iTunes, sells new album online direct

Jeremy Kirk
PC World
Tuesday, October 2, 2007; 12:19 AM

U.K. band Radiohead will let fans choose how much they want to pay for downloads of its next album.

The message "It's up to you" appears when clicking on a question mark next to the price of a download for their seventh album, "In Rainbows," due out Oct. 10. The band beganaccepting pre-orderson its Web site Sunday.

A completed transaction showed the album can be bought for as little as one pence (2 cents), plus a 45 pence charge for using a credit or debit card.

Radiohead has been among the few hold outs -- the Beatles included -- whose songs are not available for purchase on Apple Inc.'s iTunes Music Store, which sells songs in the U.K. for 79 pence with digital rights management (DRM) technology and 99 pence without DRM. Albums cost an average of £ 7.99.

For Radiohead, a top-selling act for about 15 years, the decision poses little risk to the band members' personal fortunes. But it could prove to be an interesting case study in how successful a group can be in compelling fans to shun illegal downloads and pay what they think the band deserves.

Radiohead is also taking advance orders for physical copies of the album to another financial extreme, but stuffing it full of extras to endear fans. The group's "discbox" for "In Rainbows" will contain a two-record set, a CD of the album as well as an another enhanced CD with other songs, artwork and photographs. It will come in hardback-book style packaging with a slip case. The price is £ 40, and the set will ship around December 3, the Web site said.

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