A Bomb Not Worth Building

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Regarding the Sept. 30 news story, "Nuclear Warhead Design Hits Snag":

The finding by the "Jasons," a group of scientists that advises the government on nuclear defense issues, that the Reliable Replacement Warhead design is not certifiable without underground testing should be a convincing reason for the administration to put aside its ambitions to build this weapon.

New weapons will invite political pressure to end the testing moratorium because of the perception that U.S. deterrence rests on the findings of supercomputers rather than physical testing. If that pressure leads to a resumption of testing, the results could dramatically reduce global security.

A resumption of nuclear testing would probably inspire responses from Russia, China, India and Pakistan, and possibly North Korea and Iran. Aside from the environmental consequences, the potential for the escalation from tests to a new global arms race should be enough reason to shy away from any program that could lead to testing.


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