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Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunday nights arrive for Sibin Sebastian with the subtlety of a Mack truck having muffler problems.

Here's the problem: 10 hours of homework, five hours left in the day and the thick remnants of weekend revelry fogging his brain.


"That's when it hits: 'Oh, my God, I have so much work,' " the American University junior, 21, says with a sigh.

As if all the endorphins that were sparking and popping for two days straight have finally gone on strike. As if no good time goes unpunished, and the punishment always, always comes on Sundays.

This guy does have good times. The finance and marketing major didn't come all the way from Dubai just to sit with his books, after all. And don't misunderstand, he does plenty of that: pulling in A's and B's and logging 19 hours a week at his job in the campus technology center.

But weekends are for fun. Friday night margaritas. Saturday house parties that tip into early Sunday. So when he wakes, Sunday is already half-gone.

What morning he has left "goes toward the transition from the party to being serious, but enjoying it a little," he says.

Brunch, maybe. Then a nap.

"And when I wake up, it's time to study," he says. "The weekend ends on Sunday afternoon."

"Monday," he says, "should be a holiday. I would really get a lot of work done if Monday was a holiday."

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