Wakeboard Event Kicks Off Dew Tour Stop

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Dew Tour's Playstation Pro event will host a wakeboard rail jam competition today in Orlando. The event, which is the first of its kind on the tour this season, will be held in a temporarily constructed pool.

Ten of the world's top pro wakeboarders will participate in the event, divided into two heats of five. Each rider will have three pulls, with the score taken from the best pull. The top two riders from each heat will advance to the semifinals in a head-to-head competition. The winners of that will advance to the finals.

The judges, who are pro wakeboarders not competing in the competition, won't give the riders scores, but rather rank them on overall impression, taking into consideration the variety of their tricks, as well as the overall difficulty, technical ability and use of course obstacles.

No Loafing for Adams

Even though Nate Adams has secured the FMX (freestyle motocross) crown by winning three of the four stops this season, he still plans to push the limits this weekend.

"I've already won the championship but still, for myself, I want to win [the prelims]," said the 23-year-old Adams. "That way I can go out last in the final and see what everyone is doing."

Adams won the yesterday's preliminaries with a big backflip combo, but he had a capable group of riders hot on his trail including Jeremy Stenberg and Todd Potter, who ride and train together in Southern California.

Finals for the event are scheduled for tomorrow at 7:30 p.m.

Bestwick Looking Strong

Jamie Bestwick took his usual spot atop the podium in yesterday's BMX Vert preliminaries. Bestwick, who has won three of the four events this season, used an array of tricks including an opposite no-hander, barspin to turndown, no-handed 540, superman seatgrab, downside tailwhip and a perfect flair to put him in the top spot heading into tonight's final.

Chad Kagy returned to the tour after breaking his collarbone in August, looking strong with scissor-kick superman seatgrabs, big flairs and a no-hander to barspin.

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