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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ripe tomatoes are an obvious match for creamy burrata. But even when summer is a distant memory, there are still ways to enjoy this cheese. The key is to keep the pairing simple and not overwhelm burrata's subtle tanginess. Serve burrata with:

- Toasted crostini brushed with olive oil, and spicy salami such as capicola.

- A dollop of bottarga, an inexpensive salty fish roe (good caviar also will do).

- Sauteed mushrooms tossed with balsamic vinegar or saba, a thick grape syrup.

- Roasted beets and a pinch of sea salt.

- Ripe pears and prosciutto.

If you don't finish a serving of burrata in one sitting, chop up what's left and toss it with the pasta of your choice.

Burrata is available at some Balducci's stores ( http://www.balduccis.com), Cheesetique (2403 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria, 703-706-5300, http://www.cheesetique.com) and the Italian Store (3123 Lee Hwy., Arlington, 703-528-6266, http://www.italianstore.com). Call to confirm availability.

-- Jane Black

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