Morgantown, W.Va.: Here's the Party

Envy is among the 60 drinking establishments in Morgantown, home of West Virginia University. (By Matt Livengood -- Livin' Swell Design)
By Ellen McCarthy
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You know those moments that come out of nowhere and demand you stop and seriously consider every twist of fate that brought you to a certain place and point in time?

Okay, here's one.

My friend Sara and I are wearing our best bluejeans and trying to crash a frat party in Morgantown, W.Va. All the cool kids are in there. We get into the bar okay, but the mixer's in a private room and the doors are closed and we forgot to wear white baby-doll T's that will glow in the black light as people pass marking pens and sign each other's chests.

We've made a friend, though, and beg her to sneak us in. She's a little worried, 'cause it's definitely only supposed to be friends of the FiJi guys, but if we're casual about things, it should be okay.

I open the door and walk in. And by walk, I mean fall. Loudly. Dramatically. Like Mary Katherine Gallagher, but without the rebound.

The heads turn, the cloud of dry ice parts and Sara leans in with this: "I don't want to know you right now."

Yeah, thanks. That makes about 70 of us, including the dudes working the DJ booth.

* * *

Right. Let's back up.

I am 28 years old. I started college a decade ago and have had plenty of time to forget what it was like. At one point during my time there, the state university I attended in New York held the prestigious title of Biggest Party School in the nation, an honor that has since been returned -- once again -- to West Virginia University.

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