One Night in Morgantown

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One Night in Morgantown

As any student or alumnus will tell you, the real craziness happens on game days, but the local watering holes are open year-round. We went on a Thursday, which is as good a night as any to drop in on the WVU party scene. ( has a full list of choices, but here are some highlights:

* Bent Willey's (471 Chestnut St.). Several different bars, indoor and on the deck. Nightly drink specials.

* Chic-n-Bones Rhythm Cafe (444 Chestnut St.). Laid-back spot with big tables and decent bar food.

* De Lazy Lizard (345 High St.). Massive space packed with people, multiple bars and a live band.

* Gibbie's Pub & Eatery (368 High St.). Casual spot for students and locals. Big booths; beers served by the bucket.

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