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Sunday, November 4, 2007


Anna: I wasn't nervous until I got to the restaurant. Then I was sitting at the bar like , I hope he shows up. I've been stood up before. But when he walked through the door, I thought, Oh, he's cute. There's something really warm about him. If I had met him at a nightclub or a party, he's someone I'd have gone over and talked to.

Scott: I got there about 7:15. The restaurant's manager walked me to Anna. [Physically,] she's not a great match for me. I typically date people who are a little younger.

Anna: He shook my hand and sat at the bar. After a few minutes, the manager said, "Tell me when you're ready [to be seated.]" Scott said: "I'm ready now. I'm hungry."

Scott: We ordered a ceviche and a couple of appetizers. My type is the cute girl in the corner, [someone] a bit shy. Anna strikes me as more the life-of-the-party type, an extrovert. But we had things to talk about. Her family lives not too far from me, and her daughter is actually attending my alma mater. We also talked about online dating. She apparently has not had good experiences with the people she met through eHarmony. I'm just kind of getting started there.

Anna: I found out that he was a statistician and thought, Oh, no. A lot of them can't hold conversations on everyday matters. But he's easy to talk to. And it seemed like he paid attention and cared about people. He's been coaching a girls' volleyball team for 11 years: I'm thinking, How did this guy never get married? How did we as a female sex miss this guy?

Scott: I coach at [a private school] in Bethesda. There's a need for high school coaches, so I thought I had something to contribute. Anna has a son in high school. It's a slight negative, when the woman is older with kids. There need to be other factors that overcome that. Anna's got a wonderful personality -- that's the type of thing that would overcome my initial hesitancy. In this case, it didn't, but it could.

Anna: We took some pictures. He was sitting across from me, and then he sat next to me to take a couple more. I was surprised because it had seemed like he was keeping his distance a bit.

Scott: Later in the evening, we kind of ran out of things to say. And I get up at 5. By 9:15 p.m., my brain starts winding down.

Anna: He looked like he was flagging. It was barely two hours that we were there, but I don't take it personally. It seemed like he's really busy. [We walked outside and] both said we had a good time. I'd say this date was a 4, maybe even a 4-plus [on a scale of 5]. I'd like to see him again.

Scott: I'd rate the date between 3 and 4. If she suggested something that interested me, I probably would [go]. But this three-month period when I'm coaching, I tend not to seek out too many other things to do.

Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

UPDATE: Anna e-mailed Scott a few days later and said she'd be interested in getting together after volleyball season. Scott said they would talk then.

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