Looks Like a Jacket, Stings Like a Bee

Sean Glennon
Quarterback Sean Glennon completes 22 of 32 passes for 295 yards and two touchdowns to help Virginia Tech bounce back from last week's loss to Boston College. (Mike Zarrilli - Getty Images)
By Adam Kilgore
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, November 2, 2007

ATLANTA, Nov. 1 -- As a star quarterback recruit at Westfield High, Sean Glennon narrowed his college choices to Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. When he settled on the Hokies, Glennon surely dismissed ever wearing a Yellow Jackets uniform.

Then came the surreal situation Glennon found himself in Thursday night. Glennon wore a white Georgia Tech road jersey, his surname scrawled across the back in black magic marker after his jersey mysteriously vanished from Virginia Tech's locker room hours before kickoff.

Glennon's uniform was the only thing makeshift about his play in No. 11 Virginia Tech's 27-3 victory over the Yellow Jackets. Glennon played the finest game of his career, the navy and gold stripes on his sleeves notwithstanding. The night began with Glennon assured of making blooper reels. It ended, perhaps, with him reclaiming the starting spot he lost to freshman Tyrod Taylor after the second game of the season.

A decision on that isn't expected anytime soon. Coach Frank Beamer said he will watch film from Glennon's performance Thursday night, then go with whichever quarterback he feels is best suited to face Virginia Tech's opponent. If Beamer believes Florida State's defense can best be attacked by a mobile quarterback, Glennon, one week after throwing for 296 yards, will watch Taylor play next week.

"That's always on my mind," Glennon said of his starting status. "But I still keep in the back of my mind, 'Enjoy the moment.' How many prime-time, Thursday night games am I going to play in my life?"

Glennon has taken that tack ever since the angry days following his demotion. He stewed for nearly a week, rarely speaking during practice and venting to reporters. Since, coaches have lauded his "handling a situation that was not fair," according to quarterbacks coach Mike O'Cain.

He handled it best Thursday, shredding the Yellow Jackets' wild blitzes. With the help of a successful surprise onside kick and two interceptions by the Hokies defense, Glennon threw for 195 yards on 18-of-22 passing the first half.

He surgically solved the blitz packages, completing short passes to the areas vacated by charging linebackers and then burning the Yellow Jackets deep when the chance arose. Among the highlights was a 40-yard touchdown throw to Justin Harper down the middle.

He completed passes to seven receivers, standing tall behind his offensive line as defenders barreled in on him. He was sacked six times and battered far more, but he showed none of the wear, just as he has not allowed the bitterness over his benching to linger.

"I've never coached anybody tougher," O'Cain said.

On Thursday, the "jersey complications," as Beamer called them, provided levity. As the Hokies ate their pregame meal in the team hotel, John Ballein, the Hokies' director of football operations, approached Glennon and asked if his parents were coming to the game -- and if so, would they be wearing his jersey?

"No, they're not," Glennon told him.

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