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By Rob Pegoraro
Sunday, November 4, 2007

Q How can I get my Web favorites out of MSN Explorer?

AAnybody remember MSN Explorer? Microsoft launched this AOL-esque all-in-one Internet software in 2000, issued a few minor updates to it and then quietly abandoned it after 2002. You should do the same if you're still using it.

But getting your Web favorites out of MSN Explorer and into another browser takes some tinkering because this program doesn't have a "save as" feature.

Instead, you need to visit Microsoft's Live Favorites site ( in Internet Explorer. You can't use any other browser. The one built into MSN Explorer generated a stream of errors at this page, and Firefox can't run the Web-based software you'll need to get at your MSN favorites.

After you've logged into this site, click the "Import" link at the top right and then follow the site's prompts to install a "Windows Live Favorites" ActiveX program. The site should then offer to import your MSN favorites. Once it does so, click the site's "Export" link to save your favorites to your PC as a "bookmarks.htm" file you can open in any browser. In Firefox, for instance, go to the Bookmarks menu and select "Organize Bookmarks..."; in the bookmarks window, go to the File menu, select "Import..." and choose "From File."

My Mac's Mighty Mouse no longer scrolls down; the little trackball only lets me scroll up.

It probably needs a cleaning. Like the balls on the bottoms of old-fashioned mice, the little sphere on the top of the Mighty Mouse can collect dirt and dust and eventually lose its ability to scroll. If that happens, take a clean, lint-free cloth, dampen it slightly and roll the mouse around it on the ball. That should dislodge whatever junk has jammed it.

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