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Obama Addresses Income Inequality

-- Dan Balz


Michigan Primary Up in the Air

With voting scheduled to begin in less than two months, the presidential nominating calendar grew even murkier after a Michigan judge issued a ruling that appeared to confound the state's plans for a Jan. 15 primary.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Ingham County Circuit Judge William Collete struck down as unconstitutional a provision in the state law creating the Jan. 15 primary that would give the Democratic and Republican parties exclusive access to lists of voters who participated in the primary. Collete ruled that this provision amounted to giving public property to private interests and should have required a two-thirds majority when the legislature passed the measure this summer. And because the legislation has a "non-severability" clause, the entire law creating the Jan. 15 must be declared void if any part of it is struck down.

Supporters of the Jan. 15 primary, including Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D), said they are reviewing the ruling and will do what they can to retain the date. But one of the plaintiffs who brought the lawsuit, Ingham County Commissioner Mark Grebner, told the Free Press he doubts the legislature could pass a new measure in time.

-- Alec MacGillis

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