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Fox Hears 'Strike' and Makes The Call: '24,' You're Out!

2day there is no deal


my career as a pundit is over

b4 it began

just as well

i figure

everything happens for a reason

Loosely translated, according to our sources, it means O'Donnell's negotiations with NBC about hosting a daily talk show on MSNBC, following Olbermann's, fell apart because she wanted to commit to only one year. NBC needed a longer commitment because it had already sold the time slot to advertisers through '08 based on the small ratings the network currently gets there, and so would not see any financial benefits until the second year from a Rosie-hosted show, though they'd be paying out Rosie-kinda-dollars.

And so, "poof," as Rosie so eloquently wrote in her haiku, "the show that never was."

Rosie leaked word of the show deal at a book signing in Miami, which was attended by bloggers who slapped it on the Web, and the rest is history.

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