Connect the Farragut Stations

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Metrorail's passenger survey revealed that Washingtonians are more aware than ever of the high cost of gas, the mind-numbing traffic and the dangers from drunken driving -- and are embracing public transit ["D.C. Leads Ridership Surge," Metro, Nov. 7]. The survey also showed that an increasing number of people are walking to catch their Metro trains.

The five busiest routes illustrate how people use the system. Three of those five routes start or end at Farragut North or Farragut West, stations which are across Farragut Square from one another and provide access to three rail lines between them, yet don't connect.

One long-discussed gap in Metrorail service is an underground path linking Farragut North and Farragut West. There is a real need to build such a pedestrian tunnel. Not only would many people save time on transferring, a tunnel would also help alleviate the bottleneck that is Metro Center.

Will Metro hear the call from its passengers and build this tunnel?



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