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Gunshots Fired at Apartment Of Virginia Tech Player Harris

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gunshots were fired into the apartment of Virginia Tech cornerback Victor Harris early Sunday morning, Coach Frank Beamer said yesterday. Harris was not injured and will play in Saturday's game against Miami.

Blacksburg police are investigating the incident, but they have yet to identify a suspect or possible motive.

"The incident that happened at my house, it was a random situation," Harris said yesterday evening after practice. "I don't have any enemies or nothing like that. The shooting was very random. The police are looking into it right now. That's all I got to say about it."

As first reported by the Daily Press, Blacksburg police responded to the 700 block of Appalachian Drive at 3:49 a.m. after residents reported hearing shots, according to a release from Capt. Bruce Bradbery of the Blacksburg Police Department.

Officers recovered evidence that seven rounds were fired from a 9mm handgun, at least two of which entered the apartment. There was also evidence of a shotgun blast that struck the face of the building, according to the release.

"From what I know, I don't think any of our people are at fault here," Beamer said.

Three Virginia Tech students were in the apartment at the time, but the police are not releasing their names. The police are also withholding the report from the incident.

"This is being treated as a dangerous situation," Bradbery said. "It's a scary thing; it's a serious thing."

Because the investigation is ongoing, the police were disappointed Beamer announced Harris lived in the building.

"Blacksburg police still hasn't confirmed that," Bradbery said. "It's very dangerous when people do that. If somebody wants to take responsibility for protecting victims of violent crimes, that's their decision.

"Blacksburg police won't confirm or deny whether it's Macho Harris. Whether [Beamer] is right or not, he has identified this person as a target. If there's an assailant out there that didn't know who he was after, they know now. And they know where he lives."

Earlier Sunday morning, backup defensive end Steven Friday was arrested for his involvement in a large brawl downtown, according to a police report.

Police do not believe the fight and shooting are related, Bradbery said, but they also have not ruled it out.

"That's something that will come up in motive, once you get to the point where you develop a suspect," Bradbery said.

Friday, who has appeared in three games this season, is suspended for Saturday's game.

-- Adam Kilgore

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