World Series ring

World Series ring

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Awarded to Major League Baseball

champions since 1922

Size: Normal-size for decades (think your high school class ring), some are now nearly as big as golf balls.

Cost to make: Each team designs and buys its own, so costs vary. The most expensive, according to expert Jerry McNeal, was the $46,000 behemoth created for the 2003 Marlins, each featuring 229 diamonds.

History: Early World Series winners received watch fobs, diamond stickpins and other trinkets. The 1922 Giants, after beating the Yankees, were the first team to get rings. Players loved them, and since 1931, all champions have received rings.

Most recent: The 2006 Cardinals commissioned 400 rings, each containing 50 diamonds and 32 custom-cut rubies from Myanmar. Each ring weighs about 2.5 ounces.

What about the trophy? The trophy with 30 pennants surrounding a baseball only has been around since 1967. Tiffany & Co. makes a new one every year for the winning team (same with the NFL's Vince Lombardi Trophy and the NBA's Larry O'Brien Trophy).

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