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Date Lab

Sunday, November 25, 2007

7:30 p.m., Agraria, Georgetown

Timothy: In the past, I've had the girl say yes to a date and then not show up. [So,] I was a little nervous. I prayed a bit. I got to the restaurant around 7:15; a few minutes later, the hostess walked Megan over. Normally, I go for brunettes, but Megan didn't come across as a Valley Girl blonde, ditzy and stuff. She was cute. I shook hands with her. I got that from another Date Lab; a guy said that was the least awkward thing to do.

Megan: In the lighting, Tim looked like he had red hair. I'm not normally attracted to redheads. But I wasn't looking to be swept off of my feet, so I was willing to go through with [dinner]. When they gave us the wine menu, I said, "I don't drink," and handed it to Tim. I think he refrained from ordering because he knew I didn't approve. I appreciated that. I asked him if he would bless our dinners when they came.

Timothy: I thought that was great. I was wondering if we were the first couple to say grace before a Date Lab meal.

Megan: We covered a lot [in our conversation]. We talked about our families, job experiences, where we graduated from, what we studied, a little bit about what we do for fun. He was good at asking questions and listening.

Timothy: She said she didn't like [talking about] politics; she doesn't like the bickering. That kind of was a bummer. I was a little worried about how I was going to keep the conversation going. But, remarkably, we did. We kept coming back to our faith.

Megan: I was glad that he was Christian. But he does things that I don't do, like dancing and drinking and going to movies.

Timothy: It had come up that she graduated from Bob Jones University. People who graduate from Bob Jones are definitely more strict. If she's absolutely against dating someone who likes to go to the movies and have a beer every once in a while, I have to respect her views on that. [But] Jesus never hid from the secular world, and I don't think I'm going to Hell for watching "The Office."

Megan: When the bill came, we had gone over [the Date Lab allotment]. I was the only one to have cash on me, so I made up the difference. I'm old-fashioned; I think the man should pay. But I've been caught without cash before. If it had really bothered me, I'd have said, "I can wait here while you work it out."

Timothy: I should have had cash on me, but I hadn't gone to the ATM. I think she was a little bummed out by that. I felt very dumb.

Megan: I'd give the date a 2.5 [out of 5]. Possibly, I'd hang out with him in a group setting, but I knew that a romantic relationship wouldn't go beyond tonight.

Timothy: I would rate it a 3.5. I left the night feeling that she was open-minded to meeting again as friends.

Interviews by Kelly DiNardo

UPDATE: Timothy sent Megan a friend request on Facebook, but Megan didn't reply. She says she gave him her e-mail address, "but I'm not comfortable with being in touch with him through Facebook. There's a lot of personal information [there], and technically he's still a stranger."

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