The Reliable Source's 3rd Annual Snip & Save Thanksgiving Talking Points

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Once again, it's time to make the trip back home for the annual family feast -- and already you're panicked about how all your relatives will be demanding inside dirt from you, the Washington insider. You could finally just break down and admit you're not that inside. (Mom . . . Dad . . . I work at the Germantown Starbucks.") Or! You can cheat your way through the conversation with our handy-dandy insidery (although not necessarily true) talking points.


  • Oh, everyone's heard that rumor. But even if the L.A. Times is sitting on a big sex scandal, remember that pollsters tend to sample caucus goers by random digit dial, which inflates the immediate impact of candidate negatives and undercounts voter history. Besides, you think Hillary even knew Ron Paul in college?
  • You laugh, but Nevada could surprise everyone: Dennis Kucinich is polling very high in Area 51.
  • Oh yeah, got Rudy's cellphone right here in my BlackBerry -- 212-911-2001.


  • The real question about the D.C. Madam is how her case intersects the hot-button gender politics -- sexuality vs. exploitation -- within the framework of election year sensibilities and lower-court privacy rulings.
  • Damn shame about the Singing Senators. Larry Craig was so excited about Black Friday at the Mall of America.

Recession Fears

  • Bernanke is disinclined to cut rates again, but realizes there are tail risks of bank exposure to structured investment vehicles and other exotic investments that could further reduce credit availability and exacerbate macroeconomic strains.
  • I hear Greenspan's working on a children's book: "Freddie Mac and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Subprime Mortgage."
  • I can get you a great deal on a FEMA trailer, Uncle Frank.

Celebs in D.C.

  • Brad Pitt? Kinda cute, if you're into that international-movie-star, sexiest-man-alive thing.
  • Secretary Albright wanted some alone time with Kiefer to discuss diplomatic approaches to the writers' strike, but Bob Redford insisted on tagging along to the Four Seasons bar.
  • I swear, I think Bono keeps coming to D.C. hoping for a second chance with me. Can you spell O-V-E-R, dude?

Jenna's Wedding

  • So, apparently, Jenna put her foot down: No White House wedding.
  • So, apparently, POTUS put his foot down: No tequila at the rehearsal dinner.
  • So, apparently, Laura put her foot down: No Iran invasion during the ceremony.

This Just In ...

Neil Diamond claims the inspiration for his 1969 hit "Sweet Caroline" was JFK's daughter, Caroline Kennedy, after seeing an "innocent, wonderful" picture of the youngster next to her pony. Really? "Reachin' out, touchin' me, touchin' you" sounds kinda dirty. Diamond performed the song via satellite at a party for Kennedy's upcoming 50th birthday and told the Associated Press, "I thought she might be embarrassed, but she seemed to be struck by it and really, really happy."

Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," has a restraining order against his former fiancee, who poured weedkiller on his L.A. garden, potentially poisoning his homegrown veggies. Ex Blair Tindall acknowledged the act was "poor judgment" but accused Nye of "emotional cruelty." A hearing is set for next month.

Hey, Isn't That ... ?

John Corbett, crashing the White House turkey pardoning ceremony yesterday. The actor and singer appeared on the outskirts of the media scrum, looking dapper in a dark suit; he quizzed the press handler about the turkey tradition and chuckled heartily. Where'd he come from? Turns out Chief of Staff Josh Bolten (old pal of Corbett lady friend Bo Derek) caught Corbett's band at the Birchmere Monday night and invited him to lunch at the White House.

Cal Ripken dining Monday night at Central Michel Richard with another guy. The Iron Man, looking very handsome in black dress pants and a white shirt, drank a beer, shared a bottle of red, ordered the restaurant's special secret off-menu 72-hour ribs, then cheesecake for dessert.

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