Thursday, November 22, 2007

Making Midday Tracks

Some people go to the gym to reduce stress or improve their health. Caelie Haines takes to the treadmill three times a week at midday to keep off weight.

In this season where food takes center stage, Haines hopes to stay at 165 pounds by exercising seven days a week, with three of the sessions on her lunch hour. The Web editor at the University of Maryland's medical school lost 150 pounds through gastric bypass surgery 15 months ago, followed by diligent exercise.

"My co-workers and especially my boss have been extremely supportive of my weight-loss efforts, but, honestly, I don't even know if they know I'm going to gym," she said. "I don't make a big deal of it."

On weekends, she jogs or burns calories while exercising to a fitness video. Weekdays, she's at the gym at the University of Maryland at Baltimore, using an elliptical bike when the treadmills are full. After a shower, she returns to her desk, grabs her latest project and a yogurt and fruit. "I never let my workouts interfere with work," she said.

Yet the balance can be tough. "Lately I've been really slammed at work, and it's been very tempting to give up this time to try to catch up," Haines said.

-- Vickie Elmer

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