Arenas's Knee Pain

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Wizards, who were 2-10 without Gilbert Arenas last season and 3-0 without him this season, will need to get used to him not being around. His injury troubles:

April 4: Injures left knee during home game against Charlotte Bobcats.

April 5: Undergoes surgery on his left knee to repair torn meniscus. He misses the final eight regular season games, plus four playoff games.

Oct. 17: Has fluid drained from left knee.

Nov. 7: Has fluid drained a second time.

Nov. 12: MRI reveals no further damage.

Nov. 16: Unknowingly re-injures knee in game at Minnesota.

Nov. 17, 20: Misses two games with sore knee, Wizards win both.

Nov. 21: Has another MRI, leading to surgery to repair a partial tear of his left medial meniscus and microfracture on a non-weight-bearing surface defect on the side of the knee.

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