DEVIL DOLL "The Return of Eve" Lucky Bluebird

Friday, November 23, 2007

DEVIL DOLL"The Return of Eve"Lucky Bluebird

THERE ARE A FEW LINES on Devil Doll's "The Return of Eve" that might affront puritanical listeners, but the self-styled "punk rock torch singer" hasn't tapped a new vein of sin. In fact, the Doll (whose real name is the not-especially-satanic Colleen Duffy) is something of a conservative: Her music is rooted in blues, country, rockabilly and lounge styles that date to the 1950s and earlier.

A former "psychobilly" DJ and indie-label owner, the Doll is a fellow traveler of the Cramps and X, who mangled truck-stop jukebox fare for the Sex Pistols generation. The Los Angeles singer's kinship with such bands is evident mostly in her lyrics, many of them feisty and a few unprintable. ("Lord's Prayer," for example, is not suitable for church.) Musically, however, the Doll and her band don't bust any taboos. They play their rockers and ballads straight and end the album with the lounge standard "Fever." Such fast-stepping tunes as "Doreen" are fine simulations, but if Devil Doll were really a bad girl she'd treat these old-timey genres as roughly as she does her ex-boyfriends.

-- Mark Jenkins

Appearing Tuesday at the Red and the Black (202-399-3201, Doors open at 9.

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